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Hey everybody,

I'm trying out a new art style. A style which I kinda need to work on and which I probably shouldn't just rip-off from other amazing artists.
Tell me what you think of the sketches, though. And how recognisable everyone is.

On that note, I'd like to plug a deviant I found a while ago but never really explored their gallery and thus missed the true extent of their awesome. I stumbled upon humon's Comics. They are brilliant. Go check them out, srsly.
And they've inspired me to get drawing more. So there's that plus too.

Ho hum, what else.

I'm sure everyone who cares knows that Dragon Age II is coming out next week - I for one am very excited. I'm going to try preorder it this weekend. On my second playthrough of the demo (I didn't finish the first time) I got past the shiny hype and realised some stuff about the game.

And yes there are actually bad things about the game.

The new conversation wheel isn't as great as made out to be, some of the symbols aren't instantly recognisable. Some of the textures are done very horribly (textures = what things look like and how they look like that, basically). It was honestly distracting when Avaline has her gutwrenching sad moment (you all who've played the demo know what I'm on about) and then I realised that her shirt and overall-thingy IS ONE. It's not an overall-thingy ON TOP of a shirt: THE OVERALL-THINGY IS PART OF THE SHIRT. And then I realised that her carefully defined shirt lacing doesn't move, which was also distracting.

So, um, yeah. I'm sure you'll be a great game, DA2, but my oh my you are no DA: Origins, you are no Mass Effect, and I sure as hell swtor is better than you. But I rest my case on that topic.

Though on the subject of SW:tOR I'm gonna take a moment and plug my thread.

.: Decide Your Fate :.
Where you choose a class and respond, post by post, to the various obstacles that arise until you eventually reach your end.
Come on in and decide your fate!…

Well, thanks for reading;

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Welcome to all!

I finally got around to uploading some of my worthy art and now I declare this profile to be back up and running.

I am Scratches for those who don't know and couldn't guess. Formally known as Feline Jaye, I am now headering all my artwork under the title Scratches.

Please remember to leave a comment on my artworks - any little thing is appreciated.

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I'm sorting out all my artwork (in conjunction with sorting my website, writing, etc).

This means a few things might be deleted but more importantly A LOT of pieces will be uploaded. And all in all I think this page will look much better.

So keep a look out for my new art-tag...
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I don't update this much...

Anyway, here's a big thanks to everyone making beautiful manga bases - they are excelent and i love them. I should upload some of the edits onto here...

*sigh* I wish I had money - there are so many beautiful artists and I would love commissions - but alas I have no funds to pay for them. Someday I will, someday. :D
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Yeah... I'm hooked and the Star Wars MMO coming out. Star Wars: the Old Republic. Made by Bioware (thank you very much). After how much I LOVED SW:KOTOR, I absolutly can not wait for this to come out.

I've already drawn one fan picture (the smuggler, inquisitor piece) and plan to get more work up. But my plans tend not to go that well.

It is very late and I should be in bed. it's almost 5am and I havn't been to sleep yet.

Night, night everyone.

And Happy 2010!
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Bought a FIFTEEN $$$ Xbox! Woo! So I've been obsessed with playing it for awhile.
Which lead me to find out about the wonderful game popularly called KOTOR! (If you don't know what it is - look it up). So that explains my bout in kotor fanart faving.

KOTOR has also lead me to be semi-hooked on Star Wars (I looked up the movies got part way through watching it and remembered; "Oh yeah, that's right: I don't actually LIKE these movies." and ended up watchign Dexter). Anyway, so I got hooked enough to get an idea trapped inside my spikey skull and bash its self around. Thus I came up with my on (kotor style), idea.

I'm going to try make it into a game, and I found something perfect to make it on! The maker is called 'RPG Maker XP'. It's apparently installed, but I found out my computer needs an updated version of DirectX - which I have tried to install many times and have failed (if anyone can tell me if DirectX is free or not, please do).

No DirectX also means I CAN'T PLAY ANY OF AKANE'S WONDERFUL GAMES!!! I can't play D.Nd: Poisoned... or the new demo of Infection... *sniff* so not fair.

I am about a fifth of the way through han original visual novel style game. Yay.
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Okay. Okay, okay okay okay.

I'm trying my hand at something totally new; I'm gonna try make an RPG Simulation Game (ya know, liek a dating Sim?). It's gonna by a South Park Sim.
My plan is: you play as Stan, there are multiple endings you can get, and (so it's not too gross) they ARE in High School. Oh and it's yaoi (I might throw a Wendy ending in there if I can think of one...).
God, this is gonna be a challenge, but I really wanna do it!

There are some great looking South Park Sim games out there, but none are finished yet. (I'll add links to them later; or you could just look up 'south park dating sim' on here.)

I've got four (or maybe five) endings planned already and some start-up screens already written.

If anyone has ideas, comments or can suggest any good tutorials or RPG Makers, it would be appriciated.
(I'm probably just gonna do my own art, but if anyone would like to offer to be the credited artist [or can merely tell me some goods sites that would help me with drawing 'n stuff] then it would be greatly appriciated).

NOTE: This will be a purely fan-made game with no profit wanted or gained. This also means I'm running on minimal cost.

Wish me luck!

(P.S: I'm currently attempting to use 'rpg maker 2000'. It is very confusing.)
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Well I am incredibly happy. I finished TWO of my PS2 games I've been playing on-off for about a year now. I finished Kya: Dark Lineage (with ALL the Nativs exorcised) and I finished Kingdom Hearts!

Yay! (But I'm lazy and don't like the Colliseim so I had to look the secret ending up on You-Tube.)

And I'm doubley happy 'cause the nI piled all my cash and bought Kingdom Hearts TWO! (in the post-christmas sales thank-you-very-much).

I've been playing it for quite literally three days straight. Give or take a bout 7 hours sleep. Max. *huge grin*

I've got soem pictures I'll probably upload soon, they're all my OC gang. One is a Keyblade poster-esque thing I'm very happy with.

Oh, and last things last - Happy New Year!
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Finally got Flash and am putting up a drag and drop very soon! is kinda amature but...
I also finally finished the Bitter Runs/Bit O' Ones which has been in the making for AGES.


Am putting up some Naruto pictures.

Yay, is my birthday REAL SOON!!!
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I figured I should write someth'n...

Hmmm... Noth'n much to say...

I've discovered (*cough*gotten-round-to-watching*cough*) Naruto. I'm up to about ep. 6 or summat.
As one could probably tell, I started (and finished) watching the Death Note anime. Wow I hate the second season thing...

Am lov'n Cyanide & Happiness (by Kris-Wilson). They are awsome-ly odd.

Anywaze... Happy NY y'all!
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Well, it's been a bit. I'm gonna scan something up as soon as I get around to drawing it. Anywaze... Got some holidays so I'm just smegg'n 'round.

Yay! Smallville is back on. Watched it last night, every time I start losing interest in Lex, something like that pops up. Ahhh... I never fail to love pyscotics tinted with a child.

I'm putting up cards from a fav. song of mine; Dirty Little Secret (by the All American Rejects). Some are favoutrites, some are just good. I'm not putting all of the cards up, though, just a lot of them.

That's all for now! C u folk later!
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Cake + Cup O' Milk (x2) + Late @ Night = !!!WoAh!!!

Some devient eventries might sound... odd, but is cool, just a bit... erm... Wait for a sec. Oh yeah, A'm jus' bit odd at tha mo'.

  doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

I dare you to say 'lagoon' over and over again. It sounds so funny after awhile.
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First journal thingy.

YAY! My scanner is up and running! I'll get some scanned pictures up (now that I can).
Gonna keep puting up Gaia style avatars, and don't flame me about it! I haven't had many flames, anyway.

Trying to draw part animal part human creatures, so they should be up soon ( they are 'Adopets' ). If I can figure out how to do dress up games, I'll probably do one with them.


Hmmm.... Not much else. Oh, I know, whats with the DevientArt IDs? Why are they there and how do you put one up/make one?